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Jesus Christ Nativity

Commemorated on December 25

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Get your own icon of an authentic Orthodox Byzantine creation with Super Fast & Reliable Shipping! You can choose among 3 different sizes of this Byzantine Art Icon. You also have the choice of a Flat panel or a panel with Raised borders (for icons with 22k gold). All Icon panels are made of natural wood and the preparation procedure includes only natural materials. The background is hand painted with 22k Gold leaves. The Colored parts are digitally painted over the wood. In the back there are two solid struts in order to reinforce the icon. They are inserted in grooves cut, in order to avoid future warping, as seen in the attached photos. Gift Wrap : Either this icon is a gift or you want a beautiful case for you, you can have our Premium Icon Case as seen on the photos. The icon is placed into the case, with an extra layer of protection over the Front Panel, for FREE. [Notes : Our shop follows all the legal procedures of exporting Icons. An invoice is always included. All Ministry of Culture & Custom’s documents are properly processed.]